Dear friends,

We send a weather report for the weekend which is coming in view of the announced low temperatures.

According to our weather expert Alan Crouvizier (, autumn will make its appearance on Friday evening with temperatures possibly < 4-5°C at altitude. A few flakes are not to be excluded. The rain should nevertheless spare us but nothing is ever sure in the Jura mountains.

We are coming out of a long period of heat and we are no longer used to the cold. This means you need to equip yourself accordingly. Follow the instructions of the RULES on the mandatory and recommended material level. Especially for LG and LG Half distance runners who will be climbing to the summits (1700m), do not hesitate to have a special equipment for the occasion by adding accessories such as: gloves, neck warmer, socks spare…

On our side, we will have hot drinks on the night and morning supplies. Don’t forget your CUP!

In terms of trail experience, it will be great with splendid landscapes and a bit of all the seasons experienced in just 1 night/day!!!

We look forward to welcoming you…. Ben & Tyssote