In partnership with LG Trail, Urban Trail Lausanne offers on its menu, the usual 18 km (450m D +) but also the brand new 31 km (950m D +) which will go alongside the heights of Lausanne, Epalinges and from Mont-sur-Lausanne towards the chalet in Gobet. A good headlamp is mandatory!

Starting from the Pierre de Coubertin stadium in Vidy at the last light of the day, Urban Trail Lausanne will make you discover the treasures of Lausanne and its hidden nature secrets. After a few kilometers of warm-up along Lake Geneva, the real fun will begin with the climb to the heights of Lausanne via the Chemin de la Vuachère also called the Sentier du Renard. After a 10 km race, you will reach the 100 steps of the Clochatte staircase then the Sauvabelin park and its bucolic site overlooking Lausanne. For runners of the 31 km, at the level of the stairs, you go for a tour in the forest with a loop of 14 km of pure beauty. For the 2 routes, the descent to the finish begins at the Sauvabelin tower. You will then pass through the Parc de l’Hermitage, the cathedral district of Lausanne, the cobbled streets of the old town, the Chauderon bridge and end with the Vallée de la Jeunesse until the finish. A second part of the route which will offer breathtaking views of the illuminated city, Lake Geneva and the surrounding mountains. A special atmosphere with the night, a magnificent route, a true URBAN TRAIL.

ATTENTION : 200 bibs per race



Date : Saturday 19 March 2022
Start : 7:00 pm (to be confirmed)
Start location : Lausanne (Stadium Pierre de Coubertin)
Finish location : Lausanne (Stadium Pierre de Coubertin)
Maximum race time : 3 hours for the 18k and 4h45 for the 31k
Food & drink : 1 food & drink station for the 18k and 2 food & drink stations for the 31k + 1 food and drink at finish line
GPX : Available on https://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/50788
Sign up fee : see Urban Trail Lausanne website
More practical information in the FAQ