According to the announcements from the Federal Council on May 27, sporting events of less than 300 people will be allowed from June 6. A new decision will then be made for events of more than 300 people on June 24. Events of more than 1000 people are still prohibited until August 31.

All this makes it complicated to organize our event in its full and whole form.
This particularly concerns our ULTRA distance of 118km which requires:
– a high level of training, motivation and physical shape for you
– significant costs, a massive job and huge logistics on D-Day for us.
We have therefore decided to stop registrations for the ULTRA distance solo or in relay until further notice. There is a real risk of cancellation. we cannot deny it.

You know our values. We do not wish to speculate on your trust, your time, your health, your hopes and your wallet.
Out of respect for the people who trusted us and who have already registered for the ULTRA distance, we want to leave you the choice. We therefore wish to offer you a refund for your registration. We think we will be able to pay you back before June 15, your entire registration less the registration fees of our timekeeper L-Chrono and less a small sum of CHF 5 per registrant in solo mode and CHF 2.5 per registrant in relay mode for administrative and authorization costs incurred by the association.

We will contact all registrants over the distance 118km in the coming days but you can already write us at to request a refund for your registration.
For those who wish to stay in the LG Trail adventure (and we need it), they can switch their registration to another format or to several races (LG Urban + LG Express, LG Urban + LG Half, LG Relay Half instead from LG Relay, etc …). Please contact us and we will refund the difference free of charge.

Indeed, we specify that we keep the other racing formats and we are confident about their organization:
LG Half 53 km from Saint Cergue: solo or relay 2-3-4
LG Express 18 km and LG Walking 18 km from Chavannes des Bois
Urban Trail Lausanne 18km and 32 km in Lausanne

Thank you again for your trust and take good care. Keep smiling at any time!

Association LG Trail