FAQ & rules of engagement

A lot of information about the race are available in the rules of engagement HERE, that you must have read before starting any of the races on LG Trail.

Where can I sleep before of after the race ?
  • If you run LG, LG Relay 2 (1st runner) or LG Relay 4 (1st runner), you can rest in your sleeping bag within 100 meters from the start. Changing rooms of the stadium of Coubertin will be accessible to runners on presentation of their bib. It will not be very comfortable, but always practical to rest a few hours before the start. Showers will also be available.
  • In Lausanne, we can recommend Hotel Mövenpick
  • Also in Lausanne, 500 meters from the start, you can sleep at the Camping Vidy
  • In Saint-Cergue, you can eat and sleep at Hotel de la Poste 
  • In Ferney (France), go to Campanile
  • Still in Ferney (France), go to M3 Hotel
Until when can I register ?

Registration is open online until 15 September 2021. You will also have the possibility to register directly on site (in the limit of places available).

Can I transfer my bib to a friend?

If you are unable to run the race, it is possible to transfer your bib to a friend until 15 September 2021 by sending an email to info@lgtrail.com and indicating the name, first name and contact information of the person who wants to replace you. We will then tell you how to validate the bib transfer.

Do I need a medical certificate to participate to LG Trail races ?

For LG, LG Half : if you live in France, the medical certificate of no contraindication to the practice of trail in competition or sport license* is mandatory. For all other persons residing in Switzerland or in another country, the certificate is not necessary.

For LG Express, LG Walking, the certificate is not necessary for anyone

Find a template of medical certificate HERE

 * Licensee accepted : FFA, UFOLEP, FFCO, FFTRI, FFPM, UNSS, UGSEL
Can I leave my car near the start location of my race in Lausanne ?
In Lausanne : Start of LG TRAIL solo and relay and LG Urban Trail

2 long-term car parks are located near the Pierre de Coubertin Stadium : The Samaranch car park (300 meters from the stadium) and the Fontaine de Cuivre car park (500 meters from the stadium).

24 hour rate : CHF 8 (for Saturdays). Not paying on Sunday

Find all the information on car parks in Lausanne HERE or HERE


All along the track of LG Trail, you will find complete food and drink stations or drink only stations :

Food and drink stations : bananas, oranges, apples, salty biscuits, gruyere, dried sausage, energy bars and gels, coca-cola, still and sparkling water, energy drink, apple juice

Drink only stations : still and sparkling water, energy drink, coca-cola, apple juice

Find all the food and drink stations in the track of each race

During the relay suscription, I could not add my teammates

Once your registration is finalized and paid, you will be able to define the name of your team and add your teammates by going to the “My registrations” section. Do not forget to register all members of your team before September 15.

Can I change the members of my relay team?
It is possible to modify the members of his relay team until 15 September. However, for the sake of safety, be sure to indicate all the information about new runners (emergency number, surname, first name …). No transfer will be made on site before the race.
I want to register for a relay team but I cannot find a category man or woman. Is it normal ?

Relay races are only available in the mixed category. However, it is possible to have a 100% male or female team.

How can I get to my relay start location?
See access section for know about how accessing to start
Will I get my bag at the finish of my relay?
During the withdrawal of bibs, the team captain may remove the runner bags of each member of his team.
Before the start of the race, each team member will give his bag (containing his personal belongings) to the next team member and will pick up his bag after his/her own run.
Here is the principle for the relay 4 :
  • Before the race, the 1st runner leaves his bag to the 2nd runner who will give him back during their relay in Signal de Bougy
  • Before joining his/her start location, the 2nd runner can give his bag to the 3rd runner and picks it up at the relay point of Saint-Cergue
  • Before joining his/her start location, the 3rd runner can give his bag to the 4th runner and picks it up at the relay point of Chavannes-des-Bois
  • The 4th runner can leave his bag directly to the 1st runner who can drop it at the start location in Lausanne. The organisation will organize the transportation of the bag from Lausanne to the finish line in Geneva where the 4th runner will collect it.

Here is the principle for the relay 2 :

  • Before the race, the 1st runner leaves his bag to the 2nd runner who will give him back during their relay in Saint-Cergue
  • Before 8h30, the 2nd runner can leave his bag to the organization which will carry it at the finish line in Geneva. After 8h30, the 2nd runner leaves automatically his bag to the 1st runner.
Relay market place
If you would like to create a relay team but your team is not complete, you can publish your needs or check the other team needs HERE. Check it out regularly.
Should all team members of the relay need to come physically for the withdrawal of bibs ?
No, only one team member is required to pick up the bibs.
I live in Geneva and I start in Saint-Cergue or Chavannes-des-Bois, do I have to go to Lausanne to pick up my bib?
No it is possible to withdraw your bib directly at the start location of your race before the start (check the time of withdrawal belowl)
Where and when can I pick up my bib ?
  • NOT In Lausanne in 2021 : you will NOT be able to collect the bibs of all races at the stadium Pierre de Coubertin
  • In Saint-Cergue : For LG Half, you can collect your bib Saturday 18 September between 7:00 am and 8.30 am
  • In Chavannes des Bois : For LG Express and LG Walking, you can collect your bib Saturday 21 september from 9:00 am to 10:30 am
Can I leave some private belongings at the start of my race and pick them up at the finish line in Geneva?
When collecting your bib, each runner can leave a personal bag with the bib number that will be provided by the organization. The bag will then be transported to the finish line area in Geneva. For relay teams, please look at the dedicated section as it is a bit different.
Attention : Only one bag (max 10kg) per participant will be accepted.
Runners from the LG 120 will receive a drop bag if they need to deposit an extra pair of shoes and a few other things. This bag will be transported to km 40 where runners will have the possibility to change their running shoes for their trail shoes to run across the hilly parts of the track
Attention : No walking sticks are allowed in this bag
How to reach Lausanne from Geneva before or after the race ?

The rail connections between Geneva and Lausanne are frequent and will allow you to reach Lausanne quickly and easily before and / or after the race. All trains are direct.

Trains without stops between Geneva and Lausanne every ½ hours during the day (departure at 12 and 42 every hour until 20:42). Journey time : 36 minutes

Direct trains with stops in Nyon and Morges run every half hour until early evening (departure at 00 and 30 every hour until 21:30). Journey time : 42 minutes

Direct trains with frequent stops every ½ hour until midnight (departure at 19 and 49 every hour until 23:39). Journey time: 50 minutes

How can I reach the start of LG Half ?
The departure of the LG Half will be given at 8:30 on Saturday, September 22 from Saint-Cergue. You can reach Saint-Cergue by train via Nyon:

Departure 5h52 from Nyon – arrival at 6.30 am at Saint-Cergue

Departure 6h22 from Nyon – arrival 6h59 to Saint-Cergue

Departure 6h52 from Nyon – arrival at 7h30 in Saint-Cergue

Find all the timetables of the Nyon – Saint-Cergue – La Cure – line –  HERE

You can buy your train tickets 1 month in advance and get discounted tickets (up to 50% off) on certain times if you book online or on the SBB mobile app.

Full fare Geneva – Lausanne : 23 CHF

Find all the information on www.cff.ch

How can I get to the Stade Pierre de Coubertin (Lausanne departure) from the Lausanne train station ?

The bus n ° 1 will take you directly from the Train Station of Lausanne until the stop Maladière (terminus of this line) located at 700 meters of the departure. Schedules are available HERE. The last departure from the train station towards Maladière is at 00h16.

How can I get to the start of LG Walking and LG Express?
From the stations of Coppet and Versoix, public bus will lead you to Chavannes des Bois (Bus tpg 55 from Versoix, Bus tpn 813 from Coppet). More information on TPG.

In 2021, our races do not give you ITRA points. We are considering for next years. We still wonder if this is the system we want to support.

Please find the mandatory equipment in the rules of engagement

The various events of the LG Trail take place in a unique but fragile setting. It is our responsibility to promote, among everyone, the values of the trail : respect for people and the environment, mutual help, solidarity, fair play, humility …

Thus, in order to inform all the people who participate to the LG Trail (runners, partners, volunteers, organizers, local authorities …) and to guide them in their behaviors and actions, we have drawn up the charter of the LG Trail.

By joining the LG Trail community, I pledge to :

Respect the values of trail and sport: mutual aid, solidarity, sharing and conviviality

To become aware that I am evolving in a fragile natural environment.

Respect and preserve the fauna and flora by staying only on the race track, closing the portals behind me, bypassing the herds of animals that I will cross in the Jura

Do not throw any waste on the course

Respect the work of the winemakers, do not touch the tools used for the grape harvest that may be near the vineyards.

Use public transportation and carpooling as much as possible to get to and leave the event

Helping a competitor in a difficult situation