The start of LG Trail will be given from Lausanne at midnight. The course of this ultra will take you to the heights of the Jura mountains where you will discover one of the most beautiful views of the Alps and the Mont-Blanc…an experience that you will never forget.

The course is divided into 4 singular sections :

The beach : You begin from Lausanne in the middle of the night and start to run under the light of your headlamp on the hidden paths of the lake shores. Sometimes close to be running into the water, the route looks like a sea shore. You now enter the proper lands after Saint-Prex where you have lot of fun on the up and down singles along the Boiron secret river. You finally run across apple trees fields and vineyards until you reach the Park of Signal de Bougy. There, the view on the Lake and the Alps at dawn is sensational.

The slopes :  After a well deserved snack, you keep on going through some dense forests and get closer to the first ascent of the steep slopes of the Jura mountain in Longirod and Saint-George. Reaching the top of Crêt de la Neuve at the sunrise, you are rewarded with an amazing view on the entire Alps chain and the lake. Never alone, you have the chance to meet the Jura cows that play private concerts for you with their big bells. Unforgettable! You will then feel indescribable emotions when running into the wild and looking at the immaculate hill valleys leading you slowly but surely to the village of Saint-Cergue located a bit more than halfway.

The crests : This is now a true wall directly into the ski slope that you have to climb just after the food station of Saint-Cergue. A lot of local people will encourage you to help you making it. This is the most hilly part of the track with 2 famous regional tops : la Barillette and la Dôle. On one side, you can see forests beyond the horizon that will let you imagine how wide is the Jura. On the other side, probably the most outstanding mountain view in Europe with a 180° vision on the Alps chain from Grenoble to Bern and further. In the middle, the Mont-Blanc stands like the boss and looks at you. This is the highest point of the race. What’s next is a steep long downhill where the descent experts will have extreme good fun. You will have to go uphill again and cross the french boarder at the top of Divonne-les-Bains before climbing the cute Mont Mussy. You will enter again in Switzerland when crossing the bridge of the Versoix river and reach Chavannes-des-Bois before entering the final part. The hardest is behind you.

The plain : You enter a flatter final part with the discovery of a true natural jewel of the Geneva’s countryside : the Versoix river. This is pure fun that you are offered despite the fatigue in a dynamic single path with little bumps. You will even see secret beaches into the forest. After reaching green fields hosting horses, buffalos and deers, you will finally cross the motorway and enter slowly the city of Geneva by the parks of Château de Penthes and Jardin Botanique. Running and walking again along the lake several hours after you did the same the night before, you reach the finish line in front of the legendary water jet where you will be waited by a high number of people standing here to encourage the last efforts of a fabulous adventure. A true human and sport achievement! Celebrate with your friends, your family and our volunteers. Have a beer, a plate of raclette cheese and help yourself jumping in the lake for a well deserved bath at the Bains des Pâquis.


You want to register your colleagues for the challenge of corporates and clubs. Just include your company or club name in the team name when registering. Do you have several teams? Number them. You have questions? Contact us on info@lgtrail.com



It is possible to register with you 1 or 2 pacers – friend, family, colleague – to assist you and help you morally on the final part of the race from the food station of Chavannes- des-Bois and run with you until the finish line in Geneva (17 km). The registration of your pacer(s) is done at the same time as your own online registration. More information in the race rules of engagement.


Date : To be disclosed
Start time : 00:00 am
Start location : Lausanne (Stadium Pierre de Coubertin)
Finish location : Geneva (Bains des Pâquis)
Maximum race time : 24 hours / see table
Maximum check points crossing time : Signal de Bougy km 27 (5:00) – Saint Cergue km 58 (12:00) – La Rippe km 76 (17:00) – Chavannes des Bois km 93 (21:00)
GPX : Available on https://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/193534
Food and drink : 3 liquid stations : Water, Cola, Iso + 6 food & drink stations : liquids, fresh and dry fruits, cheese, soup, ham , energetic bars, gels + 1 light food & drink at the finish

Shuttle : Leaving Friday (To be disclosed) at 21:30 from the Geneva roadway station (Place Dorcière) directly to Lausanne. Limited available seats. Chose the option in the subscription formular (CHF 14). Booking mandatory.

More practical information into the FAQ